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01 Animal Army.mp32014-May-01 00:26:555.4Maudio/mpeg
02 Spaceman.mp32014-May-01 00:26:555.2Maudio/mpeg
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05 Confused Art.mp32014-May-01 00:26:564.1Maudio/mpeg
06 Caffeine.mp32014-May-01 00:26:576.0Maudio/mpeg
07 Boy With The X-Ray Eyes.mp32014-May-01 00:26:574.0Maudio/mpeg
08 Don't Feed The Animals.mp32014-May-01 00:26:571.5Maudio/mpeg
09 Fire Guided Light.mp32014-May-01 00:26:576.1Maudio/mpeg
10 Is Your Soul For Sale.mp32014-May-01 00:26:575.3Maudio/mpeg
11 I'm Cracking Up I Need A Pill.mp32014-May-01 00:26:583.4Maudio/mpeg