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01 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.mp32014-May-01 00:12:134.6Maudio/mpeg
02 With A Little Help From My Friends.mp32014-May-01 00:12:146.2Maudio/mpeg
03 Here, There and Everywhere Revolver.mp32014-May-01 00:12:145.5Maudio/mpeg
04 Something.mp32014-May-01 00:12:146.9Maudio/mpeg
05 Eleanor Rigby.mp32014-May-01 00:12:144.8Maudio/mpeg
06 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.mp32014-May-01 00:12:157.7Maudio/mpeg
07 Strawberry Fields Forever.mp32014-May-01 00:12:159.4Maudio/mpeg
08 While My Guitar Gently Weeps.mp32014-May-01 00:12:1510.7Maudio/mpeg
09 Come Together.mp32014-May-01 00:12:159.8Maudio/mpeg
10 Old Brown Shoe.mp32014-May-01 00:12:167.6Maudio/mpeg
11 A Day In The Life.mp32014-May-01 00:12:1611.5Maudio/mpeg
12 All You Need Is Love.mp32014-May-01 00:12:168.7Maudio/mpeg
13 Julia.mp32014-May-01 00:12:176.6Maudio/mpeg
14 Here Comes The Sun.mp32014-May-01 00:12:177.0Maudio/mpeg
15 Across The Universe.mp32014-May-01 00:12:178.6Maudio/mpeg
16 Penny Lane.mp32014-May-01 00:12:176.8Maudio/mpeg
17 Get Back.mp32014-May-01 00:12:187.3Maudio/mpeg
18 Don't Let Me Down.mp32014-May-01 00:12:188.2Maudio/mpeg
19 Oh! Darling.mp32014-May-01 00:12:197.9Maudio/mpeg
20 Let It Be.mp32014-May-01 00:12:198.8Maudio/mpeg
21 The Long and Winding Road.mp32014-May-01 00:12:198.3Maudio/mpeg
22 Free As A Bird.mp32014-May-01 00:12:2010.1Maudio/mpeg
23 Real Love.mp32014-May-01 00:12:208.8Maudio/mpeg
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