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01. Good Times, Bad Times.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3318.3Maudio/flac
02. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3240.0Maudio/flac
03. Dazed And Confused.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3342.0Maudio/flac
04. Communication Breakdown.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:1817.3Maudio/flac
05. Whole Lotta Love.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:2835.7Maudio/flac
06. What Is And What Should Never Be.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3327.5Maudio/flac
07. Immigrant Song.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3217.3Maudio/flac
08. Since I've Been Loving You.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3047.5Maudio/flac
09. Black Dog.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:2631.6Maudio/flac
10. Rock And Roll.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:2727.2Maudio/flac
11. The Battle Of Evermore.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3335.0Maudio/flac
12. When The Levee Breaks.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3347.1Maudio/flac
13. Stairway To Heaven.flac2014-Dec-11 11:43:3345.5Maudio/flac
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Early Days The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume One.nfo2014-Dec-11 11:38:542.8Kapplication/octet-stream