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00. Franz Ferdinand - You could have it so much better.nfo2014-Apr-30 11:07:471.9Kapplication/octet-stream
01 The fallen.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:4827.5Maudio/flac
02 Do you want to.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:4925.9Maudio/flac
03 This boy.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:4917.9Maudio/flac
04 Walk away.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5025.4Maudio/flac
05 Evil and a heathen.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5014.9Maudio/flac
06 You're the reason I'm leaving.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5120.8Maudio/flac
07 Eleanor put your boots on.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5217.0Maudio/flac
08 Well that was easy.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5222.4Maudio/flac
09 What you meant.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5324.4Maudio/flac
10 I'm your villain.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5430.7Maudio/flac
11 You could have it so much better.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5419.7Maudio/flac
12 Fade together.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5517.4Maudio/flac
13 Outsiders.flac2014-Apr-30 11:07:5628.4Maudio/flac
You could have it so much better.log2014-Apr-30 11:07:565.3Kapplication/octet-stream