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00._Weezer_-_Everything Will Be Alright In The End.nfo2014-Dec-11 22:13:362.0Kapplication/octet-stream
01 Ain't Got Nobody.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:487.7Maudio/mpeg
02 Back To The Shack.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:487.0Maudio/mpeg
03 Eulogy For A Rock Band.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:497.8Maudio/mpeg
04 Lonely Girl.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:486.4Maudio/mpeg
05 I've Had It Up To Here.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:496.4Maudio/mpeg
06 The British Are Coming.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:509.5Maudio/mpeg
07 Da Vinci.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:489.4Maudio/mpeg
08 Go Away.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:487.4Maudio/mpeg
09 Cleopatra.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:487.3Maudio/mpeg
10 Foolish Father.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:4910.3Maudio/mpeg
11 I. The Waste Land.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:484.4Maudio/mpeg
12 II. Anonymous.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:487.6Maudio/mpeg
13 III. Return To Ithaka.mp32014-Dec-11 22:13:485.2Maudio/mpeg