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01 Striptease.mp32016-Jan-18 05:30:274.0Maudio/mpeg
02 Jealous Of Your Cigarette.mp32016-Jan-18 05:29:412.7Maudio/mpeg
03 You Me And The Weather.mp32016-Jan-18 05:33:514.7Maudio/mpeg
04 Little Tragedies.mp32016-Jan-18 05:28:583.5Maudio/mpeg
05 What A Woman.mp32016-Jan-18 05:32:483.5Maudio/mpeg
06 Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off.mp32016-Jan-18 05:31:104.3Maudio/mpeg
07 Old Bloody Orange.mp32016-Jan-18 05:31:504.8Maudio/mpeg
08 Clever Not Beautiful.mp32016-Jan-18 05:33:354.3Maudio/mpeg
09 No Beginning No End.mp32016-Jan-18 05:34:055.4Maudio/mpeg
10 Dirty And True.mp32016-Jan-18 05:32:345.0Maudio/mpeg
11 Lethal And Young.mp32016-Jan-18 05:30:572.9Maudio/mpeg